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117 New Boston Road

Address: 117 New BostonRoad
​Current Use: Residential

Historical Use: Small Farm
Construction Date: 1898


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  • Shed with loft

  • Two-story barn with basement


  • Clapboard siding

  • Mansard roof

  • Brick chimney

  • Porch


George Spencer

George Spencer lived in this house until it was struck by a lighting bold in November 1900.  It was rebuilt and became the summer home of Rollin H. Allen.  The Allen Family, and their servants (a chauffeur and grounds-keepers) came from their home in Boston to spend each summer in Bedford.  During the early years, single horses were ridden by the family and a team of horses was driven by a coachman.  Eventually, the family began to use automobiles.  They eventually sold this house to Sarah Allen who passed it down to her daughter Ruth Allen.

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