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Isaac Riddle House

Historic Name: Isaac Riddle House

Address: 81 Bedford Center Road
Current Use: Residential use

Past Uses: Residential use, Farm

Style:  Federal

Architect/Builder: Isaac Riddle
Construction Date:  1787


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  • Granite foundation

  • Clapboard cladding

  • Asphalt roof

  • Brick chimney

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  • Ice House

  • 3-story Barn

Updates/Restorations: Additions to house (1920s-1930s) added 4 baths and kitchen



Isaac Riddle

     Isaac Riddle was a prominant resident in Bedford after the American Revolution.  His father, a Scots-Irish immigrant, was one of the earliest settlers of Bedford and had land located along Riddle Brook at the western end of the historic district.  Isaac Riddle served in the army during the American Revolution.  In 1782, he took some small savings to purchase a lot at the northeast corner of the intersection betweeen Ministerial and Bedford Center Roads.  He eventually built a two-story Federal-style house on this lot with a center chimney.  There, Riddle prospered as a store and tavern keeper, manufacturer of potash (various mined and manufactured salts in a water-soluble form), and a lumberman.  Riddle carried out extensive trades with merchants in Boston.  He operated a potashery across Ministerial Road from his house and a sawmill at Riddle Brook.  Riddle held numerous positions in the local government including serving as Bedford's Civil Magistrate, as a captain of the local militia during the War of 1812, and as a representative to the state legislature

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