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14 Bedford Center Road

Address:  14 Bedford Center Road
Use: Residential

Construction Date:  1800

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  • Stone foundation

  • Clapboard cladding

  • Asphalt roof

  • Brick chimney

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  • Garage


  • Well

  • Suburban neighborhood


  • Windows (1920)


Josiah Gordon

     This house was built on the Gordon farm around 1800 and moved to this location around 1818. It is possible that this is the house that Josiah Gordon lived in prior to building the 1810 Gordon-Woodbury House, a large Federal-style house, now the Bedford Village Inn.

William Bursiel and Daniel S. Campbell

     Residents of this house included William Bursiel and Daniel S. Campbell, who are thought to have been farmers or laborers who were probably hired to work on the larger farms nearby. Located between the Gordon-Woodbury farm to the east and the French farm to the west, this property never had much land associated with it, and records indicate the lot was about 1.5 acres for most of the 20th century.

1902-Present Owners

     In the 20th century, the property had a long succession of owners, including Edward D. Campbell, Stanley H. Ryder, Mrs. Sarah Ray, Sarah Witherspoon, William Nevin, Elizabeth J. Clough, Ludgee Deschenes, Pamela West, Harold Stanek, William R. McAllaster and Thomas Luke. In 2004, the property was transferred to Liane A. Luke and William Luke.


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