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70 Meeting House Road

Address: 70 Meetinghouse Road
​Current Use: Residential

Historical Use: Residential use
Construction Date: 1890


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  • Clapboard siding

  • Asphalt-shingled roof

  • Brick chimney

  • Porch


  • Patio

  • Outdoor spa

  • Gunite pool

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Stephen French III

Stephen French III built the current house after the original house (lived in and passed down to him bu his family) was destroyed.  His son and grandson, James E. Stephen French and James French, remodeled and enlarged the barn.  They passed it down to their family (which was in the tanning business) for more than 75 years. The French family line were tents, and had one of the most extensive businesses in town of its' kind.  Their tanning buildings stood east of their house, and contained more than 20 vats.  After generations of Frenchs, the house was passed down to Harry ad Lillian Fisher, who in 1945, sold the house to Earnest A. and Roy E. Jenkins.  The Jenkins family lived here unity 1954 when they sold it to Harry and Virginia Loebel.  In 1960, the Loebels sold the house to Laurent and Jeanetta Girard.

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