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559 Wallace Road

Address:  559 Wallace Road
​Current Use: Residential

Historical Use: Residential use, possible family furniture business
Construction Date:  1820


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  • Barn with loft


  • Clapboard siding

  • Gable-shingled roof

  • Brick chimney

  • Porch


Robert Dunlap

     Robert Dunlap was the son of Major John Dunlap.   He built and lived in this house with his sons, Edwin and Alfred.  Edwin passed the house to his son, Robert.  This house was built in 1775 and was in the Dunlap family's possession for many years.  The granite foundation for this house came from the quarry on the Manning farm.  Much of the colonial furniture for the Dunlap's family was made here.  The Dunlap family sold furniture during the 17 and 1800s.  They were well-known craftsmen around the the county.  Today, some of their pieces can be found in museums.

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