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Thomas Kendall House

Address:  76 Bedford Center Road
​Current Use: Residential

Historical Use: Residential use 
Construction Date:  1840

Historical Name: Thomas Kendall House


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  • Clapboard siding

  • Asphalt-shingled roof

  • Brick chimney


  • Shed

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Thomas Kendall

Thomas Kendall built his house in 1840 and lived there until his death.  He passed the house to his daughter, Ella Kendall. 


The Kendall Shop

After his father's (Nathan Kendall's) death, Thomas and his brother James Kendall ran the "Kendall Shop," a seperate local blacksmithing shop in town.  The shop was taken down and rebuilt by Thomas Kendall in 1861.  It was later moved to a new location and is currently part of the Bedfored Historical Society's museum.

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